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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Movie

Sherlock Holmes Movie


-Oh yeaaah one of the movies I enjoyed watching a lot!Robert Downey Jr. is really cool.If you know and heard about Sherlock Holmes before then you should be familiar with the film.He is very intelligent and from small details he can tell who you are , what you ate, where have you been, if you are engaged , if you have children or not etc.His observation power is extreme!So what would a person with these attributes do?
-He is a private investigator of course.He has a loyal helper also his neighbor Doctor Watson, they go on missions together.Watson seems really fed up with Holmes but he is still very loyal. He wants to quit every time because he wants to marry, but Holmes succeeds teasing him and they go from one adventure to another.
-Holmes pretty much solves all the cases brilliantly but in the movie he is having a challenging case. Lord Blackwood, he looks like Dracula and practices dark magic, he resurrects from the grave, he is bulletproof etc. of course there is no magic but only genious plans, and who has to reveal these? Of course Sherlock Holmes, the movie is funny, and with lots of exciting adventure.I would give 8/10 to this movie and from the last scene we understand that there will be a second one coming! Update, second one came already 😀

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