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Invention of Lying

Invention of Lying

Invention of Lying Poster

Here is a really pretty awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard movie, I enjoyed watching it a lot and only the trailer would be enough
for you to consider watching. As you can guess from the name one guy discovers lying, this means there was no lying before and everyone was honest. They are deadly honest, no hiding anything etc. they say whatever on their mind is, even to their boss, their partners, their family and so on … For example the girl opens the door late and says sorry I was masturbating. On their date the girl’s cell rings and its her mother.She describes the man to her mom; he is fat he has a flat nose, he is poor etc. Something like Jim Carrey’s movie but in this one all of them are telling the truth. Our man is the guy who dated the beautiful girl Anna McDoogles, as he is poor and fired from his job he goes to the bank to draw his last money but the system is not working at the moment so the accountant cannot check how much he has and asks sir how much would you like to draw, the guy thinks hmmm the system is not
working so I can tell whatever amount I want he has 300 in his account but he says 800, at the moment the system becomes online and the guy freaks out but she says wait you got only 300?Must be a mistake of the system , wait sir I will give you, your 800 (as nobody lies in the world, everybody believes each other).So he discovers lying. Then he starts benefiting from it like telling a hot chick if we don’t have sex in 10 mins the world is gonna collapse. The woman believes him and they immediately go to a hotel room, she says hurry hurry the world is gonna collapse, but the guys says wait I don’t even know your name lets get to know each other I got some latest information that the world can stand 1 hour more etc. 🙂 so these parts make it funny and he is the
only one can lie.When his mother is dying he tells her a lot of lies about the afterlife, for her to go happily, like everybody will have their own mansion when they die.The doctors witness this and the next morning everybody is around his house asking for whats gonna happen after life! SO he creates his own religion and God(the man above the sky). He is the only one who can talk to the man above the sky, you can basicly understand that in this part they are making fun of religion and God, like giving a message in a funny way that God and religion does not exist.I find the message successful, hope all can get it 🙂 But one thing he never lies to his date(future wife).The woman does not find him attractive and thinks they will have ugly children after marriage that is why she doesn’t want to marry him but when she discovers his lying ability, she understands that she is the only person he didn’t lie, thats why she fells in love with him, they marry and happy end 🙂 They also have a child afterwards who can also… 🙂 Well see it yourself 😉


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The Dictator



I would like to write about The Dictator today, I watched a while ago on the Cinema, when I first saw the trailer I cried from laughing, laughed and laughed so I said it is a must see 🙂

The movie is mocking of the dictators, very funny! I love Sacha Baron Cohen and his sarcasm … brilliant!He plays the Admiral General Aladeen, the dictator of Wadiya =) he executes everyone against him asap,

he has also a right hand man who betrays him when he visits USA,  they cut his beard and replace him with his double, who is supposed to take shots and hits instead of him =) Without his beard Admiral Aladeen is not recognized

and thus he is obliged to live a normal ordinary person’s life.As you may guess he is used to luxury and comfortable life style, he is having many difficulties and those are the fun parts, he meets the grocery market manager Zoey(Anna Faris) although she is usually very hot in the movie she is playing a less attractive role with short hair but she was perfect for the mission!She is a human rights activist and thinks Aladeen is an immigrant who is in need of help, after learning Zoey protests and is against Dictatorship he introduces himself as “Allison Burgers“.Yeah Aladeen is not so creative and whenever he is asked his name he always reads up nearby signs like “Employees must wash hands”.

Finally he mocks USA as well with making a final speech which delivers the message; US government is no different than Dictators 🙂 I congratulate him with being so brave and making such a movie I guess this requires lots of guts … and I am still surprised how can this movie be shown all around the world including USA. Well long live Sascha and Sarcasm FTW!!!




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